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• 7/2/2017

Job descriptions

Some initial ideas:
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• 7/2/2017
Woodcutters don't care for stubborn trees that insist on standing vertically. Chopping down trees keeps them both busy and works up their appetite. Woodcutters enjoy seeing the wood they provide put to good use (and like to bask in the warm glow of a firelit room).

Smelters have one of the hardest jobs in the game, extracting metals from ores by a process of heating and melting. They consider themselves skilled technicians and look down upon foundrymen, who they deem to be mere factory workers. Smelters are skilled in extracting copper and can even extract gold, but not enough to be as rich as an adventure capitalist.

Farmers are one of the oldest professions in the game. From repairing the fences the elephants break to negotiating with suppliers to the military, farmers keep things ticking along from the shadows. Farmers love tractors, all animals (except kittens) and have a preference for straw hats.

Miners, in the game, seem to work harder than those in other jobs. They dig underground for mineral and in open mines for clay. They like to use copper pickaxes and have a steadfast and brave disposition (unlike their distant cousins who prefer diamond picks and are worried by spiders and skeletons).

Foundrymen are very serious people, as they work in a dangerous environment, however (on very rare occasions) some have been seen to smile (usually after a blast furnace has been built). They are well known to have a steely constitution but don't like being alone in a dark room. Foundrymen love pouring molten metal and are happiest when working.

Sailors in the game, have a hard life, spend time away from their family and even risk their lives for little personal gain. It is believed (but never been proven) that they descend from a long line of pirates who used to sail the seas, fighting ships, digging for treasure and dancing (with the daughters of different governors).

Scientsts in the game like to spend their time learning new things by mixing chemicals in laboratories.They have been known to travel far and wide in their quest for knowledge (returning with tales of sightings of strange animals, such as squimps and grimps, which most people know are due to their vivid imagination).

Marketers in Keep Kraft are clever, hardworking and greedy people. They enjoy working in a busy environment and thrive amidst the hustle and bustle of busy workshops. They are never seen without a clipboard, on which they record how much they are getting paid. Marketers love cookies (and regularly wake and bake before going to work).
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