A precious diamond

Your available Diamond is listed, after you get one.


Diamond appears, on your inventory, whenever you have some.

  • You get a Diamond, if you are lucky, if you:
    • encounter and defeat enemies, on expeditions, with Military.
    • reveal all the squares on Game 2, at the Casino; or
    • if you hit the jackpot on Game 3, at the Casino.

  • You can win a diamond on casino game 2 after you research Gambling.
  • You can win a diamond on casino game 3 after you research Luck.

  • Technologies have a requirement to access and research

Technology required:

Item Technology
Expedition Exploration
Casino game 2 Gambling
Casino game 3 Luck


Diamonds are used to:

Boost cost:

Time Diamonds
1 Hour 1
1 Day 20
1 Week 100
Any active Boost advances by 30 mins, if you Rush economy.
Any active Boost is lost when you explore a new continent.


  • There is a 2% chance to get one Diamond, on expeditions, if you defeat any enemies that appear.

Legacy provided:

Item Amount
Diamond 1
Other factors, increase the Legacy provided.