Send ships on missions

Build and manage your fleet to help your civilisation grow.

You can manage naval and maritime matters, for your nation, at the Dock.


Dock appears after you build Docks on Buildings.

Construction required:

Construct Requirement Resource cost
Docks build on
Plank 100
Iron 50


More items and options become available, at the Dock, as your empire grows.

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Ships to sail the seas

Your total ships and maximum allowed, displays after you build your first Docks.

  • The number of Docks limits the number of your ships.

Ships in the game


Ships at the Dock

Galley – a sailing ship.

Galleon – a mega-ship that can carry loads of resources.

Fireship – an aggressive military ship.

Caravel – a fast sailing ship.

Adding ships

  • A sailing shipGo to Galley
  • A large sailing shipGo to Galleon
  • A military shipGo to Fireship
  • A fast sailing shipGo to Caravel

  • You can add ships to your fleet, after you access them.

Getting ships

  • New ships appear, at the Dock, as your culture advances.

Access requirements:
Ship Required Method Cost
Galley Docks build on
Plank 100
Iron 50
Galleon Galleon invest 2 500
in Economy
Wood 40 000
Plank 1 000
Knowledge 800
Fireship Fireship invest 7 600
in Military
Wood 80 000
Frame 5
Knowledge 1 000
Caravel Windward invest 25 000
in Science
Wood 200 000
Plank 10 000
Knowledge 1 500

Ship construction

  • You can build ships, after you access them.
  • Ships require materials for construction and a free Docks.

Resources required:

Ship Resource cost
Galley Wood: 20 000
Plank: 200
Structure: 50
Galleon Plank: 1 500
Structure: 300
Fireship Plank: 1 000
Steel: 200
Coal: 300
Caravel Wood: 100 000
Plank: 1 000

Ship specifications

Base specifications of your ships:

Ship Power Structure Cargo Crew Special ability 1 Special ability 2
Galley 150 5 000 5 000 2 Sailors
Galleon 500 15 000 25 000 5 Sailors
Fireship 0 4 000 0 3 Sailors 100 Fire do not sail for trade
Caravel 200 6 000 10 000 3 Sailors 75 Chains reduce mission time

Changing base specifications

Base values for ship Power, ship Structure, Fire and Cargo capacity can be improved with technologies, leaders and heirlooms.

Changes to ship Power
  • Each Title granted to Foehn increases ship Power by 10%; and
  • A Cannon increases ship Power, by an amount that depends on its name and any upgrades.

Changes to ship Structure

Changes to Cargo capacity

Changes to Fire
  • Each Title granted to Foehn increases Fire by 10%; and
  • A Cannon increases Fire, by an amount that depends on its name and any upgrades.

Special abilities

Some ships have special abilities.


Crew required:
Ship Crew
Galley 2 Sailors
Galleon 5 Sailors
Fireship 3 Sailors
Caravel 3 Sailors


You can remove a ship, from your fleet, using the 'Salvage 1' button.

  • Salvaging a ship frees up Docks.
  • The amount of resources returned, when you salvage a ship, varies in a range.

Resources returned:

Ship Wood Plank Structure Steel Iron
Galley 1 000 → 6 000 10 → 20 5 → 10
Galleon 20 000 → 40 000 300 → 600 50 → 100
Fireship 200 → 500 50 → 100
Caravel 5 000 → 25 000 200 → 500 100 → 150

Galley | Galleon | Fireship | Caravel
Ships | Trade mission | Expansion mission | Explore new continent

Trade mission


Send ships to trade resources.

  • The fleet may also bring back some bonus.


Trade mission appears, at the Dock, after you research Trade on Technologies.

  • You can send your fleet to trade resources, after you research Trade.

Technology required:

Technology Requirement Research cost
Trade build 8
Food 7 000
Gold 45
Coin 50

Trading resources

You can trade resources with your ships.

  • The amount imported, depends on the amount exported and an exchange rate.

Resources you can trade:

Imports & Exports: Imports only: Exports only:
Coal Food Mineral Tin Gold Chemicals 1
Copper Iron Steel Wood Nickel 2 Sand 3
1 You need a Laboratory to trade Chemicals
2 You need a Repository to receive Nickel
3 You need a Crusher to trade Sand

How to trade


Trade mission at the Dock

You can exchange resources, with your fleet, with the Trade mission dialogue box:
1. Select resources to 'Send' and 'Receive':
  • select resource to export from 'Send' drop-down menu; and
  • select resource to import from 'Receive' drop-down menu;
    (If imports for Wood do not show: select another resource to send, then re-select Wood from 'Send' drop-down menu).
The exchange rate, displayed between selections, determines the amount of resource received.
2. select 'Amount' of resource to send by one or more of the following:
  • MAX button - sets 'Amount' with available resource up to the Cargo capacity of the fleet;
  • enter number into 'Amount' text box; (N.B. May not update 'You get' cargo information.);
  • use up and down arrows to increase or decrease 'Amount'.
The cargo 'You get', the Supplies required and the Sailors needed as 'crew' for the mission is displayed.
3. Send your fleet on the mission with the 'Trade' button.
  • A timer shows when the fleet will return and the trade is completed.
The fleet will not sail, if: the trade exceeds Cargo capacity; or you do not have enough Sailors, Supplies or resource.

Trade fleet

You can trade resources with some ships.

Ships for trade:

Ship Cargo Crew Supplies Special ability
Galley 5 000 2 Sailors 1
Galleon 25 000 5 Sailors 10
Caravel 10 000 3 Sailors 3 reduces mission time

Fireship do not sail and the mission does not need Sailors or Supplies for them.

Other factors increase Cargo capacity.

Cargo capacity

Cargo capacity limits how much ships carry, on a mission.

  • Different ships have different capacities.

Ship capacity:

Ship Cargo
Galley 5 000
Galleon 25 000
Caravel 10 000

Other factors increment Cargo capacity:

Bonuses to capacity:

Item Cargo
Foehn 15% per Title
Crate heirloom varies

Mission time

Your fleet takes time to sail on a Trade mission.

  • Trade missions initially take 5 minutes.
  • Careening reduces mission time by 30 seconds.

Trade mission time, (in seconds):
Careening not researched: 6 000 ÷ ( n + 20 )
Careening researched: 5 400 ÷ ( n + 20 )
where 'n' is the number of your Caravel.

If you Rush economy, the trade mission is completed immediately. (needs checking)

(Mission time pauses when you are offline, for v0.9.3 beta}.

Exchange rates

  • The amount of resource exported returns a specific amount of another.

Exchange rates
Import ratios: imported resources and exchange rates with resource exported

Export ratios: exported resources and exchange rates with resource imported

Non-reciprocating trades

Exchange rates depend on the direction of trade between resources.

When trading resource A and resource B:

If the trade A → B has ratio x:y, then the trade B → A may not have ratio y:x

Trades with exchange rates that do not reciprocate, include some trades for:
Coal; Copper; Food; Iron; Mineral; Steel; Tin; and Wood.

Trades with ratios that do not reciprocate:
CoalFood FoodSteel
CoalIron IronMineral
CoalTin IronSteel
CopperMineral IronWood
FoodIron MineralSteel
FoodMineral MineralWood

Bonus returns

When your ships return, from a Trade mission, there is a chance they bring back some bonus.
  • There is a 10% chance, your fleet, brings back one Lock.

Possible Knowledge gained, varies within a range and depends on the number of ships that sailed.
Range of possible knowledge gain:
0 → ( 15 × Galleys ) + ( 50 × Galleons ) + ( 20 × Caravels )

  • There is a 2% chance the locals will give you an heirloom

Ships | Trade mission | Expansion mission | Explore new continent

Expansion mission


Send ships to conquer new territory



Expansion mission at the Dock

Expansion mission appears, at the Dock, after you research Expansion on Technologies.

Technology required:

Technology Requirement Research cost
Expansion invest 6 000
Knowledge in
any branch
Supplies 200
Plank 2 000

Protected territory

Enemy ships protect Territory.
  • The enemy initially protects 200 Territory.
  • The enemy must be defeated, to gain new territory.

Enemy fleet

Different enemy ships appear as more fights are won.
  • BoatGo to picture
  • TriremeGo to larger image
  • Turtle shipGo to image
  • Blast shipGo to larger picture
Enemies use their ship Power to calculate attack and their ship Structure to determine damage taken before loss.

Enemy ships:
Ship Power Structure
Boat 50 300
Trireme 200 3 000
Turtle ship 150 10 000
Blast ship 800 8 000

Increase each level

As more fights are won, the territory protected increases in size and the enemy fleet grows stronger.

Increase in territory protected and enemy fleet:
Fights won Territory Boat
0 200 7
1 240 9
Fights won Territory Trireme
2 288 3
3 345.60 4
4 414.72 4
5 497.66 5
Fights won Territory Trireme Turtle ship
6 597.20 7 2
7 716.64 9 3
8 859.96 11 3
9 1031.96 14 4
10 1238.35 18 5
11 1486.02 23 6
12 1783.22 29 8
Fights won Territory Trireme Turtle ship Blast ship
13 2139.86 20 10 6
14 2567.84 26 13 7
15 3081.40 33 16 9
... ... ... ... ...
n 200 × 1.2n (0.6 × 1.3n) + 2 (0.3 × 1.3n) + 1 (0.15 × 1.3n) + 1
N.B. Calculations for ship numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number.

Your fleet

Your fleet consists of all your ships.

Ships for expansion:

Ship Power Structure Special ability Crew
Galley 150 5 000 2 Sailors
Galleon 500 15 000 5 Sailors
Fireship 0 4 000 100 Fire 3 Sailors
Caravel 200 6 000 75 Chains 3 Sailors

Other factors increment values for Ship Power, ship Structure and Fire.

Fleet fight

Fights take place between your fleet and an enemy fleet.

  • Fleets attack, in rounds, to damage their opponent's fleet Structure.
  • Attack and Fire reduce fleet Structure.
  • Total fleet Power is used to calculate attack.
  • A fleet is destroyed when total fleet Structure is lost.
  • During the fight, individual ships continue to attack until the fleet is destroyed.
  • You win a fight by destroying the enemy fleet.
  • You lose the fight if your fleet gets destroyed.
  • If both fleets survive 50 rounds, it is a draw. (51 rounds; correct v0.9.2 beta)

Rounds in a fight

Fights between your fleet and the enemy take place in rounds.
In the rounds of a fight, ships are not lost and continue to attack until the fight is over.

Fights last 50 rounds, if both fleets survive *50 rounds it is a draw. (*51 rounds; correct v0.9.2 beta.)

Your attack

Your ships attack, in the rounds of a fight, to reduce enemy fleet structure.
Enemy fleets are damaged by your attack and by Fire.

  • Your attack is calculated using your fleet's total Power.
  • Fireship, shoot Fire to inflict burn damage.

In a round of a fight, your attack varies within a range.
Variation in your attack:
Total Power ± 33%

Fire thrown by Fireship causes burn damage to the enemy.
  • In a round of a fight, burn damage includes: burn damage from the previous round; and a variable increase.

  • The increase in burn damage, varies in a range and depends on:

Burn damage, in a round, (Br):
Br = Br-1 + Bi
where 'Bi' is increase in Burn damage, in a round;
and 'Br-1' is burn damage in previous round.

Range for Burn damage increase, in a round, (Bi):
{100× Fireships + ( bonuses to ship Power ) } ± 33%

When your attack and burn damage reduces enemy fleet Structure to 0, you win the fight.

Enemy attack

Enemy attack reduces your fleet structure.
  • In each round, enemy attack varies within a range.
Variation in enemy attack:
Enemy Power ± 66%

In each round, Caravel throw Chains to incapacitate enemy fleet Power.
Variation in enemy attack
with Caravel in your fleet:
( Enemy power - I) ± 66%.
where 'Ir' is incapacitation to power.

  • In each round of a fight, Chains thrown by Caravel:
    • permanently incapacitate enemy Power; and
    • increase the amount incapacitated by a variable amount.

  • The increase in amount incapacitated, by Chains, in a round of a fight:
    • lies within a range; and
    • depends on the number of Caravel in your fleet.

Incapacitation, in a round, (Ir):
I =  Ir-1 + Ii
where 'Ir-1' is incapacitation in previous round
and Ii is increase in current round.
Range for incapacitation increase, in a round, (Ii):
{ 75 × Caravels } ± 33%

When enemy attack reduces your fleet Structure below 0, you lose the fight.

After the fight

The fight ends when a fleet is destroyed or if the fight lasts over 50 rounds.
  • If both fleets survive 50 rounds of the fight, it's a draw. (51 rounds; correct v0.9.2 beta.) 
  • If both fleets get destroyed, in the same round of a fight, you lose.

You win

You lose

  • You lose when the enemy destroys your total fleet structure.

  • The amount of resources received, from destroyed ships, varies in a range.
Returns after a ship is destroyed:
Ship Plank Structure
Galley 0 → 100 0 → 30
Galleon 0 → 500 0 → 200
Fireship 0 → 200
Caravel 0 → 250

Ships | Trade mission | Expansion mission | Explore new continent

Explore new continent


Set off to new lands

Exploring new lands is not an easy task. You will embark on a journey with no turning back, and will never again see your current civilization in this land.
You will only carry the legacy that this civilization once gave you.
If you are bold enough to explore a new continent, we will try to fill your ships with as many chests as we have to help you in your new journey, but it will take some time until you get where you now are, think wisely.
Are you sure you want to do this?


Explore new continent on Dock

You can explore a new continent, an opportunity for another play through the game with bonuses, from the Dock.

  • A soft reset, that opens up new areas of the game and provides:
    • another play through the game, with added insight your current game has given;
    • permanent bonuses for all future plays through the game;
    • non-permanent bonuses which increase the pace of the game; and
    • other unique actions.


  • You can explore a new continent, after you build your first Docks.

Construction required:

Construct Requirement Resource cost
Docks build on
Plank 100
Iron 50


The first time, you explore a new continent, you gain access to new areas of the game:
  • Your available Legacy is displayed; and a second number in parentheses, indicates how much you will get, if you explore a new continent again.

You get bonuses each time you explore a new continent.
Bonuses available on Legacy:
Motivation Aegis
Depot Bargain
Mastery Learning
Vengeance Memory

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