Employ workers

You can employ workers, from your Population.
Jobs is available, after you build a House.
On Jobs, you can:


Jobs is available, after you build a House on Buildings

Construction required:

Construct Requirement Cost
House build
on Buildings
Wood 20
Mineral 50
Food 15


New workers appear, on Jobs, as your culture advances


Workers on Jobs

Woodcutter – chops down trees
Smelter – extracts metals from ores
Farmer – provides food
Miner – digs underground and in open mines
Foundryman –  an expert in steel production
Sailor – crews ships for missions
Scientist – uses funds to gain knowledge
Marketer – uses funds for resources

Employing workers

  • You can hire workers, with some resources and free Population, after you access them.


  • New workers appear, on Jobs, after you meet necessary requirements.

Access requirements:
Worker Requirement Method Cost
Woodcutter House build
on Buildings
Wood 20
Mineral 50
Food 15
Smelter House build
on Buildings
Wood 20
Mineral 50
Food 15
Farmer House build
on Buildings
Wood 20
Mineral 50
Food 15
Miner Pickaxe build
Wood 100
Copper 3
Foundryman Steel build
Iron 50
Coal 50
Sailor Trade build
8 Libraries
Food 7 000
Gold 45
Coin 50
Scientist Studies invest
500 Knowledge
in Science
Knowledge 400
Marketer Commerce invest
11 500 Knowledge
in Economy
Coin 2 000
Knowledge 1 200


You can hire workers, after you access their jobs.
  • You need 1 free Population and various resources to hire a worker.

Hire requirements:
Worker Population Resource cost
Woodcutter 1 Food 50
Smelter 1 Food 50
Farmer 1 Wood 50
Miner 1 Food 50
Pickaxe 1
Foundryman 1 Food 200
Coin 1
Sailor 1 Food 500
Coin 5
Scientist 1 Knowledge 100
Coin 10
Marketer 1 Gold 100
Coin 500

Population remains allocated, until you fire the worker or if Sailors die on an Expansion mission.
  • You can fire one worker at a time, with the 'Fire 1' button, freeing up Population.


  • Some workers consume Food and require resources for production.
  • Workers stop production, if you do not have resources to maintain them.

Resources consumed:

Worker Resource Rate
Woodcutter Food 0.1 per second
Smelter Food 0.1 per second
Mineral 0.2 per second
Miner Food 0.1 per second
Foundryman Food 0.1 per second
Iron *0.04 per second
Coal 0.02 per second
Sailor Food *0.2 per second
Scientist Food 0.2 per second
Coin 0.01 per second
Marketer Food 0.2 per second
Coin 0.05 per second
*inconsistant with tooltip for v0.9.3 beta


  • Some workers produce resources.

Resources produced:

Worker Resource Rate
Woodcutter Food 1 per second
Smelter Copper 0.01 per second
Gold 0.001 per second
Farmer Food 0.4 per second
Miner Mineral 1 per second
Clay 0.05 per second
Foundryman Steel 0.01 per second
Scientist Knowledge 0.02 per second
Marketer Bronze 0.001 per second
Brick 0.0005 per second
Glass 0.0005 per second

Other factors increment production by workers:

Bonuses to production:

Worker Bonus
Woodcutter Wood
Smelter Copper
Farmer Food
Miner Mineral
Foundryman Steel
Scientist Knowledge
Marketer Bronze