A lock for security

Your available Lock is listed, after you get some.


Lock appears, on your inventory, whenever you have some.

  • You need to research Gambling to win Locks on Casino game 2.
  • You need to research Cache to get Locks from exploration expeditions.
  • You need to research Trade to get a Lock from a Trade mission.

  • Technologies have a requirement to access and research.

Technology required:

Lock from Technology
Casino game 2 Gambling
Expedition Cache
Trade mission Trade


Locks are used, to:

Use of locks:

Use Item Amount
craft Chest 1
research Safes 100


  • You win 1 Lock per 5 Coins staked, for each "L" revealed in Casino game 2.

  • After you research Cache, there is a chance to get Locks on expeditions:
    • There is 5% chance to find Locks, if no enemies appear.
    • There is a 20% chance to get Locks, if you defeat enemies in a fight.