Spend coin for resources

You can use Coins to get some resources, at the Market.
Market is available after you build your first Market, on Buildings.
At the Market, you can:

Access Edit

Market appears, after you build a Market, on Buildings.

Construction required: Edit

Construct Requirement Resource cost
Market build
on Buildings
Wood 500
Coin 1

Market trade Edit


Spend coins to buy resources


  • Market trade is available, at the Market.
  • New resources to buy, become available, as your empire grows.

Resources Edit

  • Resources available Wood, Mineral, Food and Sand

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Access Edit

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Market ratios Edit

(write some stuff here) Coins can be traded for commodities at the listed per coin rate:

Base costs: Edit

Resource Amount
per Coin
Wood 600
Mineral 500
Food 400
Sand 20

Bonuses available: Edit

Bonus Amount
Market 5%
Khrysos 10% per Title
Crown heirloom varies
Trade mastery depends on level
Bargain 5% per level

Merchant Edit

  • Invite visiting merchants to offer you randomized deals

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Access Edit

Technology required: Edit

Technology Requirement Research cost

Dealing invest
7 600 Knowledge
in Economy
Gold 100
Coin 1 500
Knowledge 1 200

Merchant deals Edit

A merchant will appear in the market every 10 minutes with a new offer.

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Trains Edit

  • Commission trains to constantly spend coins to generate a certain resource
Your total trains and maximum allowed in game, displays on Market, after you build a Train station.

Access Edit

Construction required: Edit

Construct Requirement Resource cost
build on
Wood 100 000
Iron 500
Frame 50

Get resources Edit

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Resources you can get

Get resources by trains

how to trade Edit

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Cost Edit

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Cargo train Edit


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Boost Edit


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Access Edit

Boost appears on Market, after you get your first Diamond, from:


Cost Edit

Diamond Cost Bonus Time Cost Per Hour
1 1 Hour 1/hr
20 1 Day .83/hr
100 1 Week .59/hr

Effect Edit

You can double your current production output by spending diamonds. This is calculated after all other production bonuses are calculated. For example, if you currently produce 20 wood per second, the diamond bonus would provide you 40 wood per second for the duration of the bonus. |}