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So...what's been happening?


...the formatting of pages continues (design templates have been added to resources, library techs and buildings pages)...

...the table for knowledge technologies was updated (icons for techs were taken out and the table was replaced with a data template)...

...changes to table headers are also being implemented so they appear to visitors on mobile view.

Wishing you all this season's greetings, happy krafting!

December 2018

Work in progress:

1. Format pages:

— tabs/panes
— header
— science techs
— economic techs
— military techs
— global/neutral techs
— mastery techs
— casino games
— market items
— crafting enhancements
— jobs
— military units
— legacy bonuses
— ships
— heirlooms
— other

In the pipeline:

1. Navboxes for:

— Leaders
— Facilities

2. Content for:

— Market
— Legacy
— Heirlooms
— Casino game 3
— Energy

On the drawing board:

1. Design

— infoboxes
— wordmark
— page sections

2. Main page for visitors on mobile devices

3. Images

— tidy/improve resolution where possible
— add description and licensing details

Contributions, ideas and suggestions to improve the Wiki are welcome.