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So...what's been happening?


...some formatting to pages has commenced (with a view to perhaps looking at improving design in the future)...

...a slideshow and more navboxes were added to the home page and a page translator button was added to all pages...

...other recent changes include a game 'help' category put on the header navigation menu.

October 2018

To do list:

1. Format pages:

— tabs/panes
— header
capped resources
— inventory
library techs
— science techs
— economic techs
— military techs
— global/neutral techs
— mastery techs
— casino games
— market items
— crafting enhancements
— jobs
— leaders
— facilities
— military units
— legacy bonuses
— ships
— heirlooms
— other

2. Content for:

— Market
— Legacy
— Heirlooms
— Casino game 3
— Energy

Future projects:

1. Design

2. Mobile main page

3. Images

— tidy/improve resolution where possible
— add categories
— add description and licensing details

Contributions, ideas and suggestions to improve the Wiki are welcome.