Ships to sail the seas

You can add, salvage and send ships on missions, from the Dock.

  • A sailing shipGo to Galley
  • A large sailing shipGo to Galleon
  • A military shipGo to Fireship
  • A fast sailing shipGo to Caravel
  • The number of Docks limits the number of your ships.


Your total ships and maximum allowed, displays after you build your first Docks.

Construction required:

Construct Requirement Resource cost
Docks build on
Plank 100
Iron 50

Available ships

New ships appear, at the Dock, as your culture advances.

Ships at the Dock

Galley – sailing ship.

Galleon – mega-ship that can carry loads of resources.

Fireship – aggressive military ship.

Caravel – fast sailing ship.

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