Warehouses provide storage space for basic materials


Warehouse on Buildings

You can construct a Warehouse, on Buildings.


  • You can build a Warehouse, after you construct your first Mine.

Construction required:

Construct Requirement Resource cost
Mine build
on Buildings
Wood 2
Mineral 3.5


You can build a Warehouse. on Buildings, after you build your first Mine.

  • You need 20 Wood and 10 Mineral, to build your first Warehouse.
  • You need 60% more resources, each time you build another one.

Example costs:

Wood Mineral
0 20 10
1 32 16
2 51.2 25.6
3 81.92 40.96
... ... ...
n 20 × 1.6n 10 × 1.6n


  • Each Warehouse, you build, increases the storage capacity for some basic materials.

Storage provided:

Item Amount
Wood 200
Mineral 200
Food 100
Copper 5
Gold 1
Iron 5
Tin 4
Coal 5
Steel 3

Other aspects of the game, increase the storage provided:

Bonuses to storage:

Item Amount
Wrapping 10%
Organization 20%
Triforce 30%
Storage mastery depends on level
Compressor 5%
Chest heirloom varies
Depot 0.5% per level


  • Your first Warehouse gives access, on Buildings, to:

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